The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone
Hi and Welcome to The Jade Studio, About Us: We’re a laid back, older couple, carving New Zealand Greenstone pendants and necklaces in a studio at our home. We treat the Pounamu in our care with great respect as it’s a very spiritual stone with beautiful energy. We do this work, because we love it, and we hope our pieces reflect this. About our Necklaces and Pendants: Our jewellery is all guaranteed 100% NZ Greenstone. The pictures on our web site are photos of the ACTUAL pendant you will receive. What you see is what you get! Peace of Mind shopping: Life’s too short to stress, if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, just return it to us for a ‘no questions asked’ refund. cheers Terry and Ruth

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Greenstone Koru Pendant

45mm wide x 30mm This greenstone Koru is inspired by the uncurling fern frond which is commonly found in New Zealand. It represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening. It has been traditionally used to signify New life... more info

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