The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

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greenstone pounamu jade necklace pendant
Item: 6374

Greenstone / Pounamu Silver Fern pendant

Greenstone silver fern Pendant 45mm x 20mm Carved out of Marsden district jade. Marsden is located on the west coast of the south island of New Zealand
$NZ 150.00
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greenstone warrior
Item: 6282

Greenstone / Pounamu Warrior Necklace

Greenstone Warrior Necklace 50mm x 35mm carved from Kumara district jade of the south island of New Zealand. I was inspired to do this carving by stories I have heard of the old days of the Maori people.
$NZ 240.00
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greenstone contemporary koru
Item: 6330

Greenstone Contemporary Koru Pendant

Greenstone Koru pendant  40mm in diameter inspired by the uncurling fern frond which is commonly found in New Zealand. It represents peace, tranquillity, personal growth, positive change and awakening. It has been traditionally used to signify New l... more info
$NZ 185.00
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Item: 6238

Greenstone Cross Over Heart Pendant

Greenstone cross over pendant 30mm x 25mm The cross over represents strength of friendship and family along the many paths life can take us on.
$NZ 165.00
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pounamu greenstone sing twist pendant
Item: 6364

Greenstone Cross Over Single Twist Pendant

Greenstone single twist cross over pendant 40mm x 23mm The Twist represents the joining together of two people a bond of Friendship, Loyalty and Love will last forever. The cross over represents the many paths that life can take and the strength of f... more info
$NZ 185.00
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greenstone taniwha tooth
Item: 6329

Greenstone Taniwha Tooth Pendant

Greenstone Taniwha tooth 70mm x 35mm Taniwha have the ability to shift shape. In the water they could appear as sharks, giant squids, or big sea snakes while on land they turned into giant lizards or even dragons. When treated with respect by huma... more info
$NZ 240.00
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greenstone roimata drop pendant
Item: 6340

Large Greenstone / Pounamu Roimata Drop Pendant

Large greenstone roimata drop 75mm x 30mm The Roimata or teardrop means positive energy,healing and comfort. Carved from Marsden district jade of New Zealand.
$NZ 145.00
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Displaying 10–17 (of 17 products)