The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

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pounamu greenstone jade pendant necklace
Item: 6373

Greenstone / Pounamu Circle Of Life Pendant

Greenstone / Pounamu circle of life 45mm in diameter carved from New Zealand jade from the Kumara district. Represents unity, perfection, undying love, completion, and wholeness. There is no beginning and no end
$NZ 160.00
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greenstone pounamu koru jade
Item: 6362

Greenstone / Pounamu Contemporary Koru pendant

Greenstone Koru pendant 45mm x 40mm  Inspired by the uncurling fern frond which is commonly found in New Zealand. It represents peace, tranquillity, personal growth, positive change and awakening. It has been traditionally used to signify New life, ... more info
$NZ 195.00
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greenstone pounamu jade necklace pendant
Item: 6374

Greenstone / Pounamu Silver Fern pendant

Greenstone silver fern Pendant 45mm x 20mm Carved out of Marsden district jade. Marsden is located on the west coast of the south island of New Zealand
$NZ 150.00
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Displaying all 3 products