The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

Greenstone Manaia Fish Hook Pendant

$NZ 240.00

Greenstone Manaia fish hook  45mm x 25mm The manaia is the holder of great spiritual energy and is a guardian against evil. It also represents the balance between the sky, earth and sea. They are usually depicted in profile and some feel this is because part of the Manaia is in the spiritual world and part in this.The fish hook part  signifies strength, prosperity, abundance, power and authority. It is said to provide good luck and safety when travelling, especially over water.

For the Maori, any greenstone pendant  is a taonga (a cultural treasure)


#greenstone. #jade. #pounamu


#greenstone. #pounamu. #jade

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Price: $NZ 240.00