The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

Greenstone / Pounamu Taniwha Tooth

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Greenstone Taniwha tooth 80mm x 35mm

When treated with respect by humans Taniwha could be their guardians. Bringing the individual on entire tribe in everyday life. Each tribes had its own Taniwha that would help protect them from approaching war-seeking enemy tribes and, And the Taniwha would fighting alongside the tribe.

Taniwha have the ability to shift shape. In the water they could appear as sharks, giant squids, or big sea snakes while on land they turned into giant lizards or even dragons.

From a more spiritual point of view the Taniwha was considered a connection between the human life on earth and the spiritual world of the gods, ancestors and stars. In this matter the mythological creature functioned as a link between common daily life and ancestral heritage.

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Price: $NZ 280.00