The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

Greenstone Triple Koru Heart Pendant

$NZ 240.00


Greenstone triple  Koru heart pendant 40mm x 35mm

Take a look at this striking heart pendant, with three perfectly carved korus inside A wonderful gift idea Inspired by the uncurling fern frond which is commonly found in New Zealand. It represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change, awakening. New life, new beginnings and harmony.


#greenstone #jade #pounamu #koru


Greenstone is a protective stone which is said to promote longevity and bring good luck to the wearer. It signifies wisdom,tranquility, soothes the mind, releases negative thoughts and encourages you to become who you are.


#greenstone #koru #jade

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Price: $NZ 240.00