The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

Greenstone Meanings

Maori and Symbolic Meanings Of Our Hand-carved Necklaces/Pendants

Greenstone Koru Pendant

The koru represents the fern frond as it opens bringing new life and purity to the world. It also represents peace, tranquility, nurturing and spirituality, along with a strong sense of re-growth or new beginnings.

Greenstone Manaia Pendant

Is the holder of great spiritual energy and is aguardian against evil.

Greenstone Hei Matau – Fish Hook Pendant

Strength, prosperity, abundance, power and authority. It is said to provide good luck and safety when travelling, especially over water.

Greenstone Toki Pendant

Strength, courage and leadership, determination and focus.

Greenstone Circle Pendant

The circle of life, which has no beginning and no end. It denotes our connection to the universe, that we are one with all things.

Greenstone Heart Pendant

Indicates love, emotional balance, compassion and generosity.
All drop pendants are regarded as touch stones for meditation and representing a connection to the land. Each shape also has additional meanings relating to the wearer.


Long Slender Drop: Helps encourage knowledge, confidence and independence.

Greenstone Square & Rectangle Pendant

A guide or mentor bringing a solid grounding and reliability to others.

Greenstone Roimata Pendant

Teardrops and Ovals: Positive energy, healing and comfort.

Greenstone Cross Over

 cross over pendant represents the many paths that life can take and the strength of friendship and family along these paths.


Independence, creativity and spiritual clarity.