The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

Ruth Urban

photo_ruth_grindingRuth Urban is a native of New Zealand, who returned with Terry to establish The Jade Studio in the rugged, beautiful South Island of New Zealand.

Ruth’s style is unique and distinctive emphasizing the more natural and spiritual elements of the stone.

She seldom works with slices of stone, preferring to use raw pieces in their natural state. She never works to a set design as her work is guided by the ‘feel’ she gets from each individual stone as she works it.

Ruth has given up trying to force a stone into a shape of her choosing and has come to accept that as she crafts each piece, the stone ‘decides’ what final form it wishes to take and that allowing this process to occur is what gives her pieces the amazing ‘feel’ that customers connect with. A number of healers in New Zealand now use her ‘special stones’ in their work.

Like Terry, she carves for the love and pleasure of it, respectful of the stone and the heritage of the Maori legends.

“I have a real reverence for the land of New Zealand and feel it is a privilege to work with the native stone for my clients.


Each stone is special to me and I enjoy each moment working with it. It’s hard to sell them sometimes but I want to share the beauty of my land and the effort of our work with my new friends!” – Ruth