The beauty of Aotearoa expressed in handcrafted New Zealand Greenstone

Terry Urban

photo_terry_workingTerry Urban, who has carved in various mediums for over 20 years, works exclusively with genuine New Zealand greenstone.

A native of Colorado he now calls Nelson, in the majestic Marlborough Sound region of New Zealand, home. It is here that he and his wife Ruth established their jewellery design studio.

His passion is creating new and innovative designs that captivate the imagination and intrigue customers worldwide.

Terry and Ruth share a deep connection with the natural and spiritual worlds which is reflected in their designs. They are very passionate about, and deeply respectful of, their stones which they believe have a powerful energy.

To receive a gift of Greenstone is an honor and their respect and devotion to the greenstone and their art reflects this belief.

“All of my life I have worked with my hands. Through my carvings I can express myself and my love for New Zealand.

Each day and each stone reflect a new beginning, which I hope we share with you.”

– Terry